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Cairnbaan is owned and operated by Darren and Christine Dobson together with a young enthusiastic team headed by deputy manager Chris Smith and very talented head chef Vicki Ure.

Darren Dobson. Originally from the Isle of Wight Darren trained with Trust House Forte before moving to London to work in various capacities at the Hotel Bristol, Browns and the Ritz.




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News and Specials at Cairnbaan Hotel

The Beaver Trial

Cairnbaan is lucky enough to be on the doorstep of one of the most exciting wildlife experiments ever held in Scotland. The reintroduction of the European beaver to the Knapdale Forest will undoubtedly attract animal lovers from all over the country. It's four hundred years since our beavers roamed the beautiful forests and waterways next to the hotel and now they are back.

This trial reintroduction involves a number of beaver families which have already been introduced to the area and appear to be living happily a short walk from the hotel. We can arrange special beaver tours from Cairnbaan although there is no guarantee that you will see the animals as they are shy and move about mainly at dawn and dusk.

Although the majority of people here are in favour of the experiment there are some who object on the grounds that the introduction of the beavers will disturb the natural balance of Knapdale. However the beavers will be closely monitored and surveys will be carried out regularly to see what effect they have on the local ecology.



In 1980 Darren spent 6 years as catering officer on RMS QE2 before joining his parents venture north of the border.

In 1986 Darren and his parents bought Montgreenan Mansion House Hotel in Ayrshire, which they ran very successfully and at a very high standard for 13 years.